OuR StoRy



We have an 83 acre farm in the Santa Cruz Mountains, only 9 miles from Pretty Good Advice. In 2019, we stopped raising animals and chose to direct all focus toward our 100's of varieties of orchard fruits, perennial herbs, mushrooms, and annual vegetables. As a result, our menu followed suit becoming 100% vegetarian with plenty of vegan options. There is a simple 3 part equation we follow at PGA.  One, let our farm dictate the seasonal changes to our sides, soups, salads, and soft serve on the menu. Two, use our burgers and our all day breakfast sandwiches as the backbone of our concept.  Three, make delicious, colorful, high quality food, care about hospitality, and offer incredible value with quick order times.  And there you have it.....what we do at Pretty Good Advice.  


We care about our footprint and we work everyday to walk lighter. It's a huge reason why we integrate our farm and restaurant so heavily. We have spent years perfecting our own recycle/reuse program where our Pretty Good Advice food scraps are brought back at end of each day to our farm. Food scraps are either fed to our chickens where their manure is used as the primary source of energy for all that we grow or it is composted and utilized as a soil enhancer in our field and greenhouses. It's an impressive cycle we feel very lucky to be a part of and work very hard to maintain.



We donate with every purchase you make to The Ocean Cleanup Project.  It is our mission to be involved in a "future of fast food" concept that leaves the world better than the way we found it.  We will continue to make great food with this mission in mind.  Thank you for all the support and even reading this far.